Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photos: Celebrating Life

Today, we return back home.  Tomorrow, the blog's regular format will resume.  Thank you for all the kind words I've received following our family's recent loss.  This collection of photos was pulled together in the hopes of inspiring a sense of cheer.  Hope you enjoy them.

Despite what the pics convey, never considered myself a party girl! I do, however, consider myself to be a celebrator of life.  Hope you enjoy a random display of celebratory photos taken over the past few years!

Upon arriving... Nassau, Bahamas (April 2011)

 Anniversary toast... Nassau, Bahamas (April 2011)

Vacation happy hour... Boulder, Colorado (July 2012)

Local wine tasting soiree (June 2010)

Tasting at an area winery (October 2011)

Celebrating my 50th (May 2012)
Joy and peace! T.