Saturday, February 2, 2013

On Taking Zen Measures…

A zen scene from Wednesday evening...

From the outside looking in, it would never have appeared to have been a “spectacular” week.  It’s not that anything super-bad occurred.  Sometimes it’s just the little stuff that can frustrate, yes? And...this week...that was the case:  a meeting that ran later than I’d have liked, an unforeseen ice “storm” that detoured a planned evening artist’s date, dealing with an unexpected workplace situation bright and early Monday morning, and a few other assorted--um--occurrences.

Even so... I look back at this week somewhat fondly; realizing what I call “zen measures” served to combat a bit of this week's angst.  “Zen,” BTW, is defined (by Urban Dictionary) as a “state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind.”  Yup, without realizing it, initially, that’s indeed what I did (smile).

This week’s zen measures included:
  • Rose early and meditated for about 8 minutes each day, Monday through Friday.  Oh yes, I did!  Missed my podcast on meditation? Check out this past post.
  • Attended two yoga classes (Monday and Wednesday evenings).  The Wednesday evening class was actually entitled “Yoga and Meditation;" so, I gifted myself with the “double whammy.”
  • Wrote three pages in my journal every evening this week.  I’m currently doing a reread of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.  My life doesn’t currently afford me the luxury of writing the author’s prescribed morning pages each day.  As a result, I’ve modified and made them daily evening pages.
  • Affirmed every day this week.  Plus, now I’ve included a targeted creativity affirmation—thanks to my reread of Ms. Cameron’s fabulous book!
Those were the biggies! Truly, I believe these sweets helped make my week a bit more peaceful, mindful, and balanced--despite an assortment of challenging "externals."

What zen measures did you undertake this week?  I would adore hearing about them! 

Joy & peace, T.