Monday, February 4, 2013

What This Girl Enjoyed on Superbowl Sunday!

Me...headed out of the house on Superbowl Sunday...

Don't care for pro football--never did.  Don't get me wrong; I'll sometimes watch a good college game... And, NCAA basketball... Well, I'm a native-born Hoosier; so, girly girl or not, I adore me some b-ball (smile).

Superbowl Sunday is Mark's day--not mine.  And, I'm fine with that--as I generally get scads of writing and/or reading done that evening while he's tuned in to the tube. I will, however, "cop" to showing up for an awesome half-time performance where one presents itself (smile).

This year, my Superbowl Sunday was different, though.  I attended a V-day event. Yup, late Sunday afternoon, ticket in hand, I headed over to the local college campus for a live performance of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues--which I thoroughly enjoyed, BTW.  Proceeds from the event benefitted a local battered women's shelter--making my little jaunt doubly fab!

Bought my ticket in advance...

Photographs were not permitted during the performance.  I did, however, capture a few pics beforehand; including an exhibit of paintings celebrating women artists.  Here's a bit of what I spied:

I did arrive back home in time to enjoy a pre-game feast...prepared by Mark (too yummy!). Then, I proceeded to do that writing I so enjoy doing (on Superbowl Sunday and pretty much any other ole' time). How'd you spend Superbowl Sunday?  Please share!

Joy and peace. T.