Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Challenging Hair Day “Go To”

The rain came down, and the side pony tail soon emerged...

The good news about yesterday is: the original forecast of ice turned out to be rain.  Yes, rain--falling down as best she could midday.

Another goody from yesterday: I enjoyed lunch with a friend—several actually... You see, upon entering the restaurant, two mutual gal pals motioned us over their way.  We, of course, joined them!  What isn’t to adore about a quaint local café, yummy vegetarian eats and wonderful companionship at lunchtime?

Here’s what wasn’t so good about yesterday... Albeit I am thankful for its presence, all that rain did a real “number” on this straight-haired girl’s curls.  Seriously, I had the cavewoman look going on by the time I arrived back at my office.

What I’ve come to understand is that when I can’t wear a hat indoors (e.g., when I’m in the office), my "go to" for more challenging hair days is the side pony tail. This quick fix just helps me feel more put together; which, quite simply, puts me more at ease.  The trick is: I always carry a couple of bobby pins and a hair tie with me—just in case (smile).  And, yes, they did come in handy yesterday!  

Obviously, this hairstyle won't work for or appeal to everyone.  And...not everyone worries about whether they are having a "bad hair day"(kudos to those who are there!).  Nevertheless, I offer this post to those who do.  My recommendation is that others explore what makes them, personally, feel more "pulled together." For me, it's the side pony.  Someone else's "go to" could be hair gel.  Possessing a simple "go to" strategy like this (and tapping into it when needed) merely adds to my overall sense of well-being.

Featured below are a few past pics of me sporting my “go to” on challenging hair days...
 August 2009

June 2010

April 2011

June 2012

 Do you have a “go to” for challenging hair days?  If so, please share!

Joy and peace,  T.