Friday, February 8, 2013

A Vow of Gratitude

Often, I’ll build gratitude lists in my mind as I drive to and fro’ the 9 to 5. It’s one of my favorite blissfulness practices. 

While driving home from work, yesterday, I realized I haven’t done this is in a long while--maybe as far back as December.  Unfortunately, amidst a busy week--nestled firmly within the dead of winter--I was feeling the effects of a good ritual gone astray.

Snow on the ground, soft sunlight streaming down, I reflected in gratitude, while driving along... Here are a few of the things I deemed myself thankful for:
  • A recent, evening pedi (Yup, that’s a photo (above) I snapped at the salon on Tuesday.  The color I selected was OPI’s “You’re a Pisa Work.”);
  • A mid-morning cup of hot, decaf chai tea;
  • My warm, nearly sixteen year old J Crew sweater (It's pictured in this recent past post; yes, I wore it twice this week (smile));
  • My reliable, albeit currently dirty, Jeep;
  • A delectable lunchtime green smoothie;
  • The local college radio station and their eclectic mix of music;
  • Good reads awaiting me at home;
  • The promise of the evening’s upcoming yoga class; and
  • A memory from the night before of Tabitha cuddling on my lap as I wrote (The photo below captures it well!).

This woman is vowing not to let weeks go between her next gratitude-giving-session.  What is it you are thankful for, today?  Would love to know!

Joy and peace.  T.