Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things Get Done...One Step at a Time

Remaining book proposal tasks...

Yesterday, via Twitter, I noted, “Shift need not be life changing. Write a few lines. Snap a photo. Stretch amidst the busy day. Any little step is one that’s monumental.” I wrote this statement to remind myself things get accomplished one step at a time, and every little stride forward, serves a useful purpose.

You see, since January, I have slowly begun to craft a book proposal for my second book (More deets on my first book are found here.).  Pulling together a book proposal has been quite a process; a slow-going one, with a good deal of work still. ahead. of. me.

A few nights ago, feeling somewhat adrift, I jotted down the remaining, yet-to-craft book proposal sections (BTW--as you can see from the photo at the top of the blog, the butterfly theme has presented itself (randomly) yet again).  Truly, seeing these tasks--written down on paper, has provided me with a greater sense of clarity--lets me better envision what steps remain in this lengthy, yet gently-taken, walk I’m on. 

What dream of yours currently requires slow, methodical steps?  I welcome your sharing it (Goodness knows it will make me feel I'm not flying solo in this realm!).

Joy, peace and gentle encouragement!  T.