Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Writing on an Art Journal Collage...

Featured, above, is an art journal collage I created a few evenings ago.  In the past, I rarely (if ever) wrote over the collages I created.  Somehow, it just didn’t seem right...  I had always thought the collage, itself, held meaning (much like a vision board does!).

More recently, however, it’s something I adore doing.  Sure--some collages I create are “stand alone”—I simply don't write on them. Their meaning is specific enough to me, and no words upon them are needed--or desired. 

In other instances, though, I’ve found a collage to be a great place to record thoughts (e.g. to do’s, dreams, thankfulness lists, etc.) onto.  That’s the case regarding the collage shown above.  This past weekend, post my creating it, I wrote onto my collage a few things I felt compelled to either do or seek out further this month (added March dreams—so to speak). Doing so just made my personal visions even more meaningful to me (maybe making me more likely to take them a step further...). I’ve included a pic of the finished “product” below (smile).  

 Do you write on the collages you create?  Please share your art journaling thoughts!

Joy & peace.  T.