Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Simple Way to a Better Day

Art journaling makes any day better!

Ever awake saying, “Do I really gotta do that, today?”  I suspect you already understand what I’m talking about—dealing with those things that aren’t so fun to tackle: the accounting project that yields nothing but frustration, the not-so-pleasant talk you need to have with someone else, or the mopping of floors at home—on your day “off.”

Today, I’m headed to Dublin (Ohio—that is) for a day-long work-related training seminar.  Dublin’s a good two and a half hours from my beloved Bowling Green.  As a result, this one promises to be a long one.  And, trust me, the subject matter for this’s not what I’d call “captivating.”  It’s strictly technical stuff (snooze...).  Nevertheless, it’s vital to the work I do on my job.

That’s okay.  I’m going to balance the not-so-fun with a bit of personal glee today.  Yup, I plan on lunching at a sweet French bakery/café located in the heart of the quaint little town where I’m headed.  I'm going to take a break in a charming atmosphere, savor a yummy salad and bring back a to-go cup o’ java for the afternoon workshop session.  That's what I'm going to do, and (as trivial as it might seem) I can't wait!

The simplest way (I've found) to make any day better is to have at least one, small (and generally simple) thing I can look forward to.  Today, I'm looking forward to my lunch break, and, of course, arriving back at home this evening for pizza, vino sipping and a spot of television watching with Mark (smile).

What’s your simple strategy for a good day?  Would love to hear about it! 

Joy and peace.  T.