Monday, August 26, 2013

Play Hard. Relax When Possible. Always Savor Life.

Why is it weekends are far too short?  Happily, I've taken time, this summer, to fully enjoy my weekends (brief as they may seem!).

The pics featured throughout this post were taken Saturday morning--right after my breakfast date with Mark, downtown.  Regardless of whatever other fun thing we have planned, this longstanding ritual is one I always look forward to.

Polo: American Eagle (another one my son outgrew!)
Pants: American Eagle
Sneaks: Converse
Handbag: Juicy Couture
Sunnies: Vera Bradley

Saturday was a great day. Post breakfast, I bought fresh fruits and veggies at a local farmers' market.  Then, enjoyed a spot of shopping at a nearby thrift shop (can't wait to feature what I bought on a future post!).  Early afternoon, we ventured out for a 16-mile bike ride on a local park trail. Afterwards, we headed downtown for dinner at a sports bar.

The point I'm trying to make is that life can get busy, complicated.  One of the most self-nurturing things I do for myself is to ensure that (working hard aside) I play hard, relax when possible and always savor life's little opportunities to live well.

What joy did your weekend bring?  I would absolutely love hearing about it!

Joy and peace! T.