Monday, August 12, 2013

Creative Repurposing: Garden Stones

How was your weekend? Mine didn't go as originally planned, but that's more than okay.  It was a good one, anyway!  An unexpected rainy Saturday meant no bike ride.  It instead resulted in lots of rest and a sweater rescue project (more on this in a future blog post!).  Likewise, a beautiful Sunday (sans rain) led me to a bit of creative repurposing...

Displayed within my back and front yard flower gardens were several stones we received after the passing of my sister-in-law and mother-in-law.  The stones were a lovely addition to our garden, but some of the sayings etched upon them were very sad (with a focus on loss and grief).  Reading them always left me with an unsettled feeling--not the kind I want to experience while enjoying sacred garden time.

For some time now, I've envisioned a line of stepping stones in my front garden bed that would lead to the lovely bench nestled into its corner.  Sunday morning, I married a few inspirations together; which resulted in a repurposing of the gifted garden stones.

Explaining my thoughts to Mark, he grabbed a hammer, chisel and began tapping away--breaking the large garden stones into pieces resembling stepping stones.  Afterwards, I placed them lovingly along the path envisioned in my mind.

When all was done, I felt refreshed, blissful and creatively fulfilled.  This is the feeling I needed to have--versus melancholy, yes?

One of the stones we did leave intact; placing it at the foot of the bench at the end of our little path. It contained the well-known Serenity Prayer.  Its message is one I've found inspiring since I was a little girl.  In fact, my grandmother (Mamaw) had a plaque displaying the same sage words in her own flower garden--many years ago.  How cool is that?

Please share with me your weekend reflections and creative repurposing projects.  I would adore hearing them!

Joy, peace and serenity!  T.