Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Life Lessons Fashion Blogging is Teaching Me...

As I grow older and, decidedly, wiser (smile), I seek more and more life lessons through everyday occurrences.  Fashion blogging presents the perfect example of this.  Below, are a few of the strongest lessons I've learned (to date) as a result of fashion blogging...

Life isn't meant to be picture perfect!  Yup, my dress is wrinkled.  It's linen, though, and I wore it to work all day--before shooting these pics.  Ten years ago, these wrinkles would have resulted in a photo reshoot.  Today...I smile and know they are the hallmark of a busy, real-life woman on the go--me! My pics are organic--in every sense of the word, and I like it that way.

Smiling increases one's face value.  Actually, I think that's a line from the movie Steel Magnolias!  It's true, though.  When I see the shots where I'm looking a bit tense, I realize what a difference a smile can make (to the way I look and feel!).

My response defines each situation.   Buzzing bees around my legs, wind blowing my hair all about and my dress up... Mother Nature sometimes take charge of my photo shoots.  Like so many things in life, it's my response to the situation that often determines its outcome.  Over time, I've learned to laugh about things I never would have in years gone by.  That's a far healthier approach than sulking!  And, interestingly enough, some of my favorite shots have been a result of things beyond my control (Yes, I'm primarily referring to collisions with Mama Nature.).

Linen sundress worn as a jumper: Flax
Linen t-shirt: J Crew
Infinity Scarf: Handmade via an Etsy Vendor
Shoes: Target
Watch: Anne Klein
Bracelets: Vintage
Sunnies: The Dollar Tree

What life lessons have you gleaned as of late?  I would adore hearing about them!

Joy and peace!  T.