Monday, July 15, 2013

In Blogging + Life, Mama Nature Wins Out Every Time!

Nope, I'm not hamming it up--I'm battling Bowling Green's ever-present windiness!

LOL!  I know the pic above looks as if I'm glamming it up.  What you are actually seeing is me battling Mama Nature a bit.  This shot was taken Saturday morning post breakfast downtown with Mark.  What I had wanted to convey (through photographs) was my joy of supporting local business.  You see, both my scarf and lace dress were purchased at independently-owned boutiques in Bowling Green (where I live).  The wind, however, was blowing my hair every which way (including into my eyes and mouth!). As you'll note in the very last two photos, the day's windiness took it's toll on my hair.  That's okay, I was, most resourcefully, armed with a hair tie

As a blogger, I've found natural light is my fave setting for shooting photos.  I've also learned I must honor the fact that Ms. Nature sometimes decides what I can and can't do in terms of taking pictures outdoors (smile).  I'm guessing other bloggers have found this to be true as well..

Nevertheless, nature brings me far more bliss than angst.  Following a busy work week and in adherence to last month's promise to myself to enjoy a day trip a month this summer, we set off after Saturday's breakfast for an adventure in Michigan.  This time, we enjoyed quaint towns, a country winery and wonderful scenery along spectacular Lake Huron.  It was relaxing and inspiring! I'm now better ready to face a busy work week head on, and it is all thanks to time spent, gleefully, in nature.

The photos, throughout this post, capture my love of supporting local business (via what I'm wearing).  They also convey the importance that time in nature plays in my overall well-being and happiness.

Enjoying the St. Clair River in Port Huron, Michigan
The Canadian shoreline is in the distance!

Savoring a Lighthouse and Spectacular Lake Huron!

A Short Walk Along the Marina After Outdoor Dining at a Microbrewery 
(Port Huron, Michigan)

Joy and peace!  T.