Friday, July 19, 2013

Change of Pace...

Yes, it's been a bit fast-paced as of late!

Hooray, it’s Friday! Yesterday marked the successful completion of a couple of super-big projects at work.  I welcome the tad-bit-slower clip I’ll enjoy this next few weeks.

There’s a change of pace on the home front, too. This weekend is the first one in some time that nothing is scheduled.  This evening, I plan on crafting an “All I Want This Weekend” list—map out those things I want to enjoy, accomplish—even feel (e.g. relaxed, creative, blissful, etc.) this weekend. Yum!

Yesterday, I continued onward with my pledge to infuse fun, daring and whimsy into my workplace wardrobe.  This, too, is somewhat of a shift as I, historically, have played it pretty “safe” with my workplace stylings.  Below, are a few examples of how I did so:

Wore two watches at once
The secret to this is pairing a larger and smaller watch (or larger grouping of watches of various sizes)—versus putting the same sized pieces together.

Donned sparkle shoes
Wednesday, I sported the dress I wore to my son’s wedding into the office. Yesterday, I wore the shoes (Nine West) I bought for that momentous occasion to work.  In doing so, I flexed both my creative and courage muscles a bit, and that felt fab! Stretched my wardrobe again, too!

Repurposed a necklace 
The necklace featured above is actually a long strand. The look I was going for, yesterday, was that of a statement necklace (the shorter variety everyone is wearing right now). No problem.  I wrapped the strand around my neck a few times and fastened it in the back.  Instantly, I was in vogue!

Showed a little lace 
Last summer, while on vacation, I purchased a couple of sweet lace camisoles at Urban Outfitters.  Yesterday, I wore the black one under the Chico’s dress I was wearing—letting just a little lace peep out from under the dress’s collar.

Wore a blouse as a jacket 
It’s been awfully stuffy these past few days. Thursday, I opted to switch out my jacket for a blouse (Forever 21).  It was a comfier option and looked every bit as polished.

 Share with me ways you are embracing a change of pace.  I would love hearing about them!

Joy and hugs!  T.