Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little "Treats" for a Busy Week

Work-wise, another busy week is in store.  Deep breathing, affirming, yoga, journal writing...  These are my fave tried and true strategies for ensuring me a more relaxing, delightful week--even when it's (um) a bit action packed.  

This week, a few added treats are planned, however...  Yes, I’m hedging my “bets” a bit (smile).  Thought I’d share my efforts on this front--in the event they inspire others to treat themselves as well.

I signed up for a teleclass Wednesday evening.  This one's on implementing positive life changes.  I’ll light a few candles, brew tea, have my growth journal at hand—maybe even enjoy this luscious time from the patio...

Friday evening, post major deadlines being met, I plan on opening this bottle of dry raspberry wine—enjoy a glass or two.  I purchased it last weekend at a sweet country winery while luxuriating in a day trip to Lake Huron.

Candles + Candlelight
Sometime this week, I'll buy myself a few candles at the dollar store. Then, I'll light them--while bathing, dining, enjoying creative time. This is a small luxury with huge impact.

Whimsical Styling

This week, I plan on sporting a few whimsically-fun outfits into the office.  Featured above is what I wore yesterday: striped vintage dress, python print belt (J Crew) and chetah print scarf (also vintage) paired with slacks (Chico's). Fun, yes?

Bouquets o' Flowers
I asked Mark to pick up a small bouquet of flowers at the grocery store.  My original intent was to bring them into my office space (flowers on the desk=bliss!). He (being a sweetheart) brought me back a super-big bouquet; which, I was able to refashion into three separate arrangements.  Now, I’ve got two bouquets displayed at home and one in the office (Ah!).

What about you?  What little treats can you incorporate into your week to make it lighter and brighter?  I’d love to hear about it! 

Joy and peace, T.