Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Virtual Art Journaling Workshop

This morning, I'm taking time out of my day to volunteer.  That's right--I'm teaching an art journaling workshop at the local Girl Power Tween Camp.  It's a commitment I've had the pleasure of taking part in for the past three years now.

Here's the agenda I'm using.  It includes links to corresponding past blog posts and Tickled Pink Woman YouTube videos.

1)            Welcome + Overview: Why I Heart Art Journaling 
2)            My Video: Why My Art Journal is a Personalized Comfort Book! 
3)            Art Journaling Prompts
4)            My Video: Getting Your Feet Wet in Art Journaling 
5)            Q&A

The first year I delivered this workshop, I included an overview on journal writing and vision boards, too.  To view an informational video on vision boards (created for that first workshop), click here. Fittingly, all pics featured in this post are from that first workshop session.

Join me, virtually (in a sense), by clicking the links within this post.  I'd be honored to have you join me--even if only in spirit!

Joy and peace and a fab Wednesday to you!  T.