Friday, July 26, 2013

Why I Adore Second Hand Fashion...

The dress (Jones New York) and lace blouse (Lucky Brand), featured in today’s blog post, were both purchased (very reasonably and in mint condition) at consignment shops.  The vintage glass beads, Elgin diamond watch and Bakelite bracelet (all pictured) were also “second hand” purchases.  The glass beads I found at a sweet, rural antique shop. The watch was a yard sale snag, and the bracelet I found on Etsy.   

No doubt, I adore buying things second time around.  Here are a few reasons why...

 Doing so suits my budget.

My wardrobe is unique and not cookie cutter.

Finding the best quality for the least amount of money is a fun thing to do!

Living my life in a green-focused manner and in compliance with my shopping values, 
better allows me to live life with no regrets.

Do you purchase second hand items?  Would love hearing about it! 

Joy, hugs and happy Friday to you!  T.