Monday, April 8, 2013

Mindful Shopping

A recent shopping-themed art journal collage

As a follow-up to Saturday's shopping foray, thought I'd share a few random principles that guide my shopping endeavors--make them a bit more mindful...

Budget: Separate from the monthly household budget Mark and I craft, I developed this one to ensure the "personal shopping" I do gets done mindfully and responsibly (a.k.a. cash-only purchases).  I allow myself to amend my budget as needed—with my understanding I won’t exceed the total amount budgeted for the month. 

Consider "do-good shopping" as a viable option: As noted in this (and this) past post, I patronize local, independent merchants whenever possible (women-owned businesses, too!).  I also have a penchant for saving the planet, which is enacted via buying used, vintage, and repurposed items.  Are all my purchases local, vintage, second-hand or from women-owned merchants?  No.  However, these days, I'm ever-mindful that these options exist, and utilize them more than ever before.

Quality over quantity: Given the style I'm drawn to, I don't need a lot--just basic quality staple pieces--that will last for some time.  Investing in quality doesn't have to be expensive.  Quality items can be purchased second hand and/or at bargain bin prices (Check out this past post).  My adherence to a budget also makes it easier to save for quality items.  

Zero in:  When I shop, I generally know what I'm looking for.  The only exception to this is if I happen upon something that's on my staples wish list (a "bucket list" of items I will purchase only if the price and quality are right).  For example, last fall, I was shopping in a vintage boutique while traveling.  My mission, that day, was to search for bangle bracelets.  I came out, instead, with a black leather skirt (shown in this past post).  Not a problem, though as a black leather skirt was an item on my staples wish list.  The skirt I found was well-made, mint condition, my size and only $20 (I always hold back spare funds for these types of finds, so I was within budget...)--SOLD (smile)!  

What about you--what defines mindful shopping for you?  Would love hearing your insights!  

Joy, peace, and happy Monday! T.