Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Room and/or Altar of One’s Own

My altar (a.k.a. "sacred shelf") in my home office...

As an empty nester, I now have my own dedicated, personal space within my home.  I call it “my office.”  Yes, it’s where my desk and computer reside.  It’s also where I craft, create art, write meditate, practice yoga, sit quietly and sometimes even go to read.

I have a home altar, too—although, I refer to it my “sacred shelf.”  It’s actually an elevated shelf that came with the desk I purchased a few years ago.  Displayed there are family photos, a candle, a brass bell (I ring both before and after meditation practice) and various precious gifts given to me (a unicorn from my sons, a bear-witch from my sisters, a crystal dish from my grandmother—that I’ve stuffed with an array of meaningful mementos--including a raw rose quartz I found on a hike years ago)...

A home altar is a very personal thing that’s going to serve different functions for each person.  My sacred shelf simply serves to add a spot of joy and peace to the time I spend in my designated sacred space (my home office).  For a great online resource about creating your own home altar, click here.

Do you have a home alter or dedicated space you call your own?  Please share!  T.