Saturday, April 20, 2013

Make A Date with Yourself to Reflect, Envision & Bloom!

From my art journal (April 2012)

This afternoon I'm excited to be conducting a women's retreat in a neighboring town.  It's entitled, "Spring Fling: A Date with Yourself to Reflect, Envision & Bloom!"

Even though you may not be joining me this afternoon, consider scheduling a spring fling with yourself to reflect, envision and bloom!  Here are a few thoughts on how to do so...

Light a candle.  As you do, establish an intention for the time you have gifted yourself.

Pull out your journal or art journal.  Engage in Lynne Franks' "blooming values" activity discussed in this past post. Afterwards, relax during a tea break!

Journal or art journal in hand, reflect upon how you'll plant, water and weed your life this spring.  Details on this activity are found in this past post.  Once finished, enjoy a short break outdoors.  If weather doesn't permit, bask a few moments in meditation.

Assess your life's balance with a wheel of life activity (click here for more details).  At today's retreat, I've given the wheel of life a springtime variation--asking participants to draw an eight petaled flower.  In the center, they will write the intention selected for the day's retreat.  Each petal of the flower will represent a wheel of life dimension.

Following another tea or nature break, create a springtime vision collage.  For added guidance, check out my video and past post on vision boards.

Savor time in quiet reflection. Revisit the intention you set for yourself. Then, blow out the candle you lit--signaling the end of your special time with yourself.

Have a luxuriant Saturday!  Joy and peace, T.