Monday, April 15, 2013

Added Change Insights...

A recent art journal collage celebrating positive change...

My enchanting, long weekend has drawn to a close...  In addition to chit-chatting with Mark, I used the time riding to and from B-town (Thursday and Saturday) to catch up on some magazine reading.  Hopefully, this confession won't shock too much: I had a stack of them--some dating back to September of last year.  Yes, I know...perhaps I'm not alone on this, though!  It sure feels fab to now have the tower whittled down to the present month's issues.

Over the course of the weekend's magazine reading endeavors, I gleaned scads of added insights based on embracing change. Given that this past blog post struck a chord with so many, I wanted to pass fave tidbits (from my reading) along:

"Connecting with the part of you that remains steady is the key to accepting change." SOURCE: Holcombe, Kate. "Mistaken Identity." Yoga Journal November 2012: 54-58. Print. 

Holcombe suggests various ways to make that connection: deep breathing, asana, singing, running, undertaking enjoyable activities.  I would like to offer a few added ones: creating art, honoring your inner wisdom, journal writing, observing stillness and engaging in anything that's done mindfully.

"Find a place you've never been before, where you can sit, uninterrupted, for an hour. The more unfamiliar the environment, the better for arousing creativity." SOURCE: Reynolds, Samantha. "Well-Versed." O The Oprah Magazine November 2012: 40. Print.

I have long known that change PERIOD is a creativity booster.  Simply switching up my routine this past weekend, has ignited scads of ideas--which I've accordingly written down for further consideration.

"Predictable is boring Add an element of surprise--a quirky hat, "mismatched" patterns--and look head-over-heels sexy." SOURCE: Metzner, Evyan. "Fall in Love with Your Outfit." Self November 2012: 120-127. Print.

Whether or not I attain the head-over-heels aspect, is not the issue for me.  Playing with style is another way I evoke creativity.  It's my outward expression of my inner self! Peruse this recent post to see how I shook my own style up a bit this past weekend.

"Happiness isn't being cheerful all the time; 
finding out more about something, learning
how to appreciate something better, 
incorporating SOMETHING NEW that fits
with what you already have."  
SOURCE: Joiner, Whitney. "Going For It." Whole Living October 2012: 124-127. Print.

I adore this!  Especially the part about infusing new into what's existing.  This approach is all about living authentically, yet incorporating change via tiny shifts--very organic!

Happy Monday, All!  Joy and peace.  T.