Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Wishes for this Weekend...

These lovely blooms inspired me to take a walk last evening!

Some time ago, I shared my All I Want This Weekend concept--here, on the blog.  Thought it might be fun to "revisit" this strategy by sharing my list of dreams for this weekend:

Friday Evening (I actually realized all these babies; hence, they are in the past tense (smile)):
  • Enjoyed a dinner date with Mark;
  • Took a mindful walk outdoors—post dinner;
  • Crafted a podcast script outline; and
  • Fine tuned the Overview section of my book proposal.
  • Blog;
  • Buy and repot new houseplants;
  • Spend time crafting second sample book chapter;
  • Prep for Tuesday evening group coaching session spearheaded by author Gail McMeekin;
  • Ride exercise bike; and
  • Savor a dinner date with Mark. 
Will all my dreams come true this weekend?  Not sure.  And, if not--it's okay.  My All I Want This Weekend List is merely a fluid guide.  It helps to focus me--should I choose to follow it...

What’s on your agenda this weekend?  I would ADORE hearing about it! 

Joy and peace, T.