Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finding Adventure in the Ordinary...

Coffee shops can be adventuresome, too!

Yesterday, I ventured forth.  I was headed nowhere terribly exciting; simply to a day-long, work-related meeting about 45 minutes from home. 

Late afternoon, on my way back, I took a quick detour off the highway into a town I hadn’t been to before. Driving through its downtown, I spotted an indy-owned coffee shop.  I stopped in and grabbed a cup of java to go.  Chit-chatting with the sweet baristas there (they complimented me on the fair trade bracelet I was wearing!), procuring a fab cup of highlander grog java to sip on my drive home + admiring the lovely Victorian architecture scattered alongside the little burg's streets, I view it all as an adventure--of sorts.

Of course, I had to feature the fair trade bracelet referenced above...

Sometimes life’s sweetest adventures are the things most ordinary--journal writing outdoors, browsing for used books, traveling a different route...  My theory is this: Sprinkling my existence with enough of these adventures (comprised of the "ordinary"variety) equates to a life lived extraordinarily.  

Joy and peace this “little Friday.”  T.