Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rainy Day Style Musings

Art journal collage (April 24, 2013)

It’s April.  No doubt that often means plenty of showers (of the rain variety). 

I adore hearing the sound of rain on the rooftops, and being outdoors moments before a thundershower begins.  Traipsing into the office, early in the morning, during a rainstorm—that’s not quite as enchanting for a whole slew of reasons (most of them related to style factors). 

Here are a few ways I make rainy days a bit more stylish and stress free:

I never wear good shoes or boots in the rain.  It ruins them.  Some day, I’ll invest in a pair of stylishly classic rain boots (It's an item that is definitely on my staples wish list!).  For now, though, I’ve got several inexpensive pairs of shoes I pull out and don on rainy days. This sweet pair of ballet flats is from Target (Mossimo Supply Co.). 

Yes, I carry an umbrella, but I wear a hat as well!  There’s no better excuse to do so!  It’s not only stylish; it also protects my hairstyle even further.  I never wear my nicer vintage hats out into the rain.  I have several bargain bin hats I reserve for this.  The one featured above is from (you likely guessed it) Target.  I picked it up for $5 on clearance (smile).

I always keep barrettes, Bobbie pins, ties, styling gel and similar items in my purse as a fix to rainy day hair.  Doing so just makes my rainy days a bit brighter.  For added fixes, check out my challenging hair day “go to” discussed in this past post.

On the subject of umbrellas...  I never spend much on these.  I prefer having several on hand and tucked away in strategic locations (my vehicle, in the office, at home...).
This way, I am never caught out unprepared (smile).

Even when it rains or is cloudy, I’ll often wear UV sunnies.  To see why, read this past post.

Share your rainy day style musings with me.  I would LOVE hearing them! 

Joy and peace amongst the showers!  T.