Friday, April 12, 2013

#JournalChat Highlights + Anniversary Photos

Scene from yesterday's #JournalChat...

I'm still away--celebrating my anniversary (smile).  Thought it would be timely to share a few of the many take-aways from yesterday's inspiring session of #JournalChat Live (added deets found here).  Those participating in this fab event shared a variety of thoughts on journaling's benefits--both overall and in the process of bringing about positive change.  In short, journaling serves as:
  • a safe place;
  • the realm of no self-judgment;
  • the site where the journaler sets the rules she/he desires;
  • a mechanism for extreme self-care;
  • an ever-present ear;
  • an incubator for self-reliance;
  • a source of self-empowerment;
  • a creative resource;
  • the place where self-trust is built; and
  • the inner voice's "training ground."
Greater detail is found in a transcript containing Parts I and II of yesterday's #JournalChat Live.  Truly, it's worth checking out!  There were so many perspectives shared--all tremendously valuable.

In celebration of my 32nd, thought I'd share a few anniversary photos as well.  Hope you enjoy them!

Joy, peace and happy Friday!  T.