Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rendezvous with a Gal Pal...

Yesterday, post early morning yoga at home, I soaked in a bubble bath, painted my nails, curled my hair and donned (in addition to my long linen dress and fave jean jacket) a playful assortment of accessories--all indicating some special occasion was afoot.  From there, I ventured forth for a rendezvous with a dear friend. You see, I had a date on the calendar to attend the local Fashion, Food & Fine Art luncheon, and I'd been looking forward to it all week long!

Isn't it interesting how very energizing it can be to break away from the normal routines--meet up with a gal pal to relax, laugh, muse, share dreams, and support one another in each other's visions for the future?  The way I see it, time spent with a good friend is as luxuriant as a morning at the spa, a springtime walk in the woods or an evening on my candlelit patio--watching the sun set.  Gal pal time enlivens my spirit, soothes my soul and expands that treasured collection best known as "fond memories."  In a word, "Priceless!"

Joy and peace to you this rainy Sunday!  T.