Thursday, April 4, 2013

Continuous Reinvention=Blossoming Potentials

Personal reflection, for me, prompts continuous reinvention...

Spring’s a season marked by ongoing evolution...  Take, for example, the chorus of singing birds in the pear tree outside my home office window—their voices grow stronger, each morning this new season progresses.  As the calendar rolls forward, the sun appears to be arriving earlier and, likewise, staying later every day.  Here and there, buds and shoots of greenery have begun to emerge; their presence becoming even more noticeable each passing day...

Spring’s ever-changing character reminds me of the importance of continuous self-reinvention.  When I say, “self-reinvention,” it’s not a matter of losing who I am—of compromising my authenticity.  No, it’s more an issue of adopting small shifts in perspective, applying itsy bitsy shake ups to my etched-in-stone routines, and switching out my self-care practices in various new ways.  Reexamining thoughts that no longer serve me, getting to bed earlier than normal from time-to-time, engaging in a yoga pose mid-day, rather than solely just at night... Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

As I immerse myself in more journal writing, art journaling and time in quiet reflection, the concept of seeking change appeals even more to me.  Realizing the beautiful results reinvention brings about within the natural realm, I am open to the blossoming potentials for myself as well.

Joy and peace, T.