Saturday, April 6, 2013

Defining Meditation via Everyday Moments

A recent art journal collage...

This past Thursday evening’s yoga class was purely sumptuous--combining a full hour’s practice with fifteen minutes’ worth of meditation,   The yoga instructor began class by talking a bit about meditation—noting many see it was a mystical, magical occurrence.  She quickly dispelled this myth by explaining that meditation was simply those moments in life when we’re fully present.  Her definition of meditation may sound simplistic—yet, (in my estimation) it is totally spot on!

Defined in this way, I now realize all of life’s little moments, when experienced fully present, are mini meditations...of sort...  A few examples of this (that I truly adore) include:
  • Taking a deep, cleansing breath to refocus myself;
  • Feeling my bare feet connect to a yoga mat;
  • Satisfying my craving for a deep stretch (or six) post a workout;
  • Basking in the momentary warmth of the sun on my face as I walk outdoors on a cool day;
  • Savoring the taste of herbal tea as I sip it (smile);
  • Allowing the sound of music to enliven my spirit;
  • Idolizing the scent of a bouquet of flowers I stop to sniff;
  • Intently watching birds from my back patio;
  • Stopping to swoon at the moon; and
  • Being fully engrossed in the creation of an art journal collage.
What moments of meditation do you enjoy experiencing?  Would love hearing about them!

Joy and peace, T.