Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Made Me Smile Recently...

This world has seen a whole lot of sadness as of late.  It's hard not to get mired down in an excess of sorrow, concern and--that dreadful "F" word--you know the one: fear.  Similar to giving gratitude, I love building a "made me smile" list--when times seem overwhelmingly challenging.  Here's what's on mine--as of late:

My well-manicured flower gardens (did it myself!)

Son's outgrown tie-dye=my new yoga shirt!

Tulips in my flower garden...

More of my tulips (Did I mention I ADORE tulips???)

Sweet blooms on my pear tree (smile!)

Husband & pet tabby cat in state of extreme relaxation...

Boutique chambray shirt bought on BIG-time clearance 

Share the joy!  What made you smile recently?  Would love hearing about it!  

Joy, hugs and peace!  T.