Sunday, April 21, 2013

Journaling + Art Journaling "Rules" of the Road

Spring-focused collage (April 20, 2013)

A great question came up at yesterday's workshop/retreat.  Following my description of an art journal as a comfort book, place to plan, envision, give gratitude and various other positive-focused things, one participant asked if an art journal could be used as a place to vent--to release negative thoughts.

My response? I told her an art journal should be just like a writing journal; serving any purpose you want/need it to.  What that means is that we (the journalers and art journalers) get to make up, and, as we deem fit, break all the "rules."  That's pretty self-empowering stuff, huh?

Sure, I tout the benefits of positive thinking, resolution and envisioning what it is we want to manifest in life.  At the same time, I know the only way to get clear on what it is we want to shed, change or improve upon is to reflect in total honesty--to vent--to get those negative thoughts out there--in the open.  Just like a journal, the art journal can be used to uncover these truths...

The bottom line, however, is that an art journal (just like a journal) should be tailored by each one us--according to our own special needs.  What are your thoughts on this?  Would adore hearing them!

Joy and peace, T.