Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A recent measure of resourcefulness took place--here--in my growth journal!

My latest Tickled Pink Woman podcast sets forth my tips for stressing less.  One of those tips is to employ resourcefulness--wherever possible.  Why? Well...resourcefulness solves problems.  Resourcefulness is empowering.  Resourcefulness is a confidence booster.  Resourcefulness is fun. All these things are decidedly stress busters, yes?  Resourcefulness does something else (and this, too, combats stress): Resourcefulness enhances one's personal creativity.

This past Sunday morning, I sat down with a recorded teleclass and my beloved growth journal.  For the most part, my growth journal contains scores of beautifully embossed pages that totally speak to me.  The couple of pages featured directly below were the exception--they just didn't.  Besides, they were rather dark and might be difficult for me to decipher what I'd even written--at some point in the future...

These two pages didn't resonate with me...

Following a moment's thought, I scurried upstairs to retrieve several folders full of magazine images--I'd pored over only the evening before.  My plan was to collage over the not-so-inspiring pages in my growth journal--tailor them into something personally inviting.  The end product is displayed directly below.

Post a bit of resourcefulness, these two pages are now ready to write upon!

Guess what?  As a result of this super-fun (resourceful) experience, I felt more empowered, confident, and enriched.  Furthermore, I lavished the feeling of being more creative, too!  My actions actually spurred added creativity--as they led me to write not only this blog post, but provided an idea for another one and possibly a future Tickled Pink Woman video as well (smile).  

Joy, hugs and peace!  T.