Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sharing My Spring Reflections...

My spring reflections as recorded in my growth journal!

Last month, I encouraged a bit of spring equinox reflection via this past post.  In the spirit of growth and renewal (two of this season's finest attributes), I am sharing a few of my springtime musings--penned during reflection time...

In what ways did I prepare my life's flowerbed this winter?
  • blogged daily
  • attended yoga class weekly
  • enjoyed at least one yoga pose daily
  • savored art journaling
  • chose quality over quantity
  • engaged in almost daily exercise
  • participated in Britt Bravo's Juicy Blogging e-course
  • employed micromovements (led to a first draft of my book proposal!)
  • recognized my creative gifts
  • honored my intuitive gifts
What seeds will I plant in my life's garden this spring?
  • finalize book proposal
  • strategize my next steps for getting my book published
  • embrace joy
  • exude grace
  • live mindfully
  • envision desired success and know I can have it!
How will I water, feed & weed life's garden?
  • journal
  • art journal
  • affirm daily
  • give gratitude daily
  • read to feed my mind
  • don positive thoughts
  • be creative 
  • live authentically
  • put my best foot forward
  • use my voice
  • eat healthily
Please share your springtime reflections.  Would adore hearing them!

Joy and peace.  T.