Monday, April 22, 2013

Celebrate Creativity!

Enjoy nature. See beauty. Be captivated. In other words, create joy! 
--Moi via Twitter (4/21/13)

Turns out, last week was International Creativity and Innovation Week.  Missed it?  Not to worry.  I firmly believe that creativity is something to be celebrated and tapped into daily., you do not have to consider yourself an artist--per se--to be creative.  Yesterday, I worked in my flower beds...and, I consider that to be an act of supreme creativity.  Why?  Because my efforts will yield (and already have yielded) something of beauty.  That, in my opinion, equates to creativity.

I came across something wonderful, yesterday morning, while savoring my java (a local cherries jubilee blend!).  A fave author of mine, SARK, is offering (in celebration of her birthday) a free video series entitled Awakening and Activating Your Personal Power.  Much of it is dedicated to uncovering and claiming (re-claiming) your authentic creative self (Fits in nicely with last week's international celebration of creativity and innovation, yes?).  To register for access to these free gems (I've viewed the first one and it is absolutely fab!!!), click here.

Happy, happy belated International Creativity and Innovation Week and happy Monday, All!  Joy and peace.  T.