Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thoughts on a More Purr-fect Life...

Fun kitty scarf I sported for the first time--yesterday!

Yesterday’s blog post featured a photo, taken a few evenings ago, of my lovable diva pet, Tabitha—legs outstretched unabashedly while basking in front of the fireplace. One of my friends told me that Tabitha’s blog picture made her smile.  My response back to her was, “Yes, she does a fab job at living well—no doubt!” 

This led me to think further... Animals act largely on instinct.  Making themselves feel healthy, comfy, safe, at peace, contented—as much as possible...  Well, that’s simply what living is all about. The natural inclination is to embrace holistic self-care to the max.  

What little steps can each of us take today to feel a bit more purr-fect?  Today, I’m vowing to incorporate a few simple stretches into my desk-bound day, sipping a green smoothie at lunchtime and ensuring I get to bed at a decent hour tonight (since cat napping isn’t an option during my work day).  Would love to hear what you’ll be doing!

Joy and peace, T.