Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In this Moment, Fear Loses Out to Peace...

Lovely window box flowers I snapped in Boston (August 2012)

The youngest of my two sons lives in the heart of Boston at a university campus there. Yesterday afternoon—amidst a somewhat busy, frustrating day, my mind shifted from what now seems like a string of petty workplace annoyances to supreme thankfulness--after learning that my dear Patrick was alright.  

Quickly, however, it moved to sorrow for those who lost their lives and were injured.  Pretty soon, thereafter, it drifted toward fear.  My mind buzzed... What’s next?  Will it happen again? How often does he use the subway?  I felt shaken, sick and frightened beyond belief.

This morning, I am remembering that peace lives in the present moment, and that mindful, deep breathing is what takes me there.  You see, when I seek comfort in the present moment, fear always loses out.  Today, I vow to be present (as much as I possibly can), and chose peace over fear.

Me and Patrick (August 2012)

My deepest sorrows and heartfelt healing to everyone affected by yesterday's sad events.  Peace and love.  T.