Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ways to Infuse Bliss into a Busy Schedule

W.J. Beal Botanical Garden
East Lansing, MI
July 4, 2013

Yesterday marked my first day back in the office since last Tuesday.  Despite the fact there are several large deadlines looming over the next few months, I truly felt a sense of bliss coming back to it all.

After a bit of reflection, I believe I may have an understanding as to why this is.  I’m accrediting certain practices I’ve enjoyed as of late, and thought I’d share them—in the event they bring someone else a bit of bliss—amidst their own busy workloads.

Honor Your Inner Wisdom

I call mine my “Wise Self.”  What I’m referring to are those inner nudges, inklings to do something, not do it, etc. 

For some time now, I’ve heard the “call” to do a bit of freshening up, re-arranging in my workplace office.  About a month ago, I finally proceeded in doing so.  It’s been simple stuff: framing a poster I adore (see pic directly below), switching out photos I’ve had displayed for years now with newer ones, rearranging a few items, framing and hanging floral photos I had taken.  What a difference these little changes have made, though, to the workplace environment I inhabit. 

Get Nature Time Whenever Possible

I’ve been grabbing as much nature time as I possibly can as of late (even if it’s 30 minutes—here and there in the evenings or over the weekend—quietly sitting on my patio or tending to my flower gardens).  The pics, below, were taken, this weekend, while enjoying time on my patio. My nature time equates to sheer relaxation with “staying” power.

Be Adventuresome

Yes, I’ve enjoyed a few recent getaways and day trips—that’s one way to infuse some adventure into my life (the photos, below, were taken a few days ago in Michigan).  The reality of it is that I have a limited number of vacation days I can use in a year, though (sigh...).  There are other ways to get adventuresome, though, during my work week.  Some of my favorites include:
  • Perusing a local thrift shop after work one evening;
  • Indulging in the purchase of a box/tin of tea I’ve not yet tried before (then, enjoying yummy tea breaks at work!);
  • Pairing items together from my closet, modeled after something I’ve admired online or in magazines—thereafter, wearing my inspired ensembles into the office;
  • Enjoying my breakfast and/or lunch outdoors during the work week; and
  • Savoring a few moments of deep breathing and/or yogic stretching while at my desk.

Share your thoughts for infusing bliss into busyness. I would adore hearing them!

Joy + peace. T.