Thursday, July 11, 2013

Capturing Beautiful Moments...

Taken yesterday--on a quick lunch break at home...

I’ve found an easy way to express myself creatively while simultaneously capturing some of life’s more beautiful moments.  It’s my cell phone...

Potted pink tulip (February 2013)

Actually, this sweet feat is achieved via the camera on my cell phone.  A simple snapshot of a flower garden I pass while walking to a meeting, or a sunset I enjoy viewing from my own patio, challenges me to stop and truly indulge in life's beautiful moments more often.  It also encourages me to get a bit artsy with my photography (allowing me to further stretch my creativity muscles a bit!). Oftentimes, a simple photo will inspire a future blog post (that’s certainly a good thing, right?).

Field of tulips at Simpson Garden Park in Bowling Green, OH
(May 2013)

Sunset from my patio (May 2012)

About eight months ago, I vowed to get more active on Instagram.  In fact, all the pics featured in today’s post are past Instagram photos of mine.  As a result of making that pledge to myself, I peruse others’ photos there almost daily, and publish some of my own roughly four to five times a week.  It has become a place where I get inspired by others’ snapshots, share my own beautiful moments, and enjoy time with the wonderful community of folks gathered there!

Getting ready for the Fine Art, Food & Fashion Luncheon
(April 2013)

Even if you are not on Instagram, consider challenging yourself to pause, more frequently, and capture life's beauty with your camera (or, like me, cell phone camera).  For me, it’s been a worthwhile endeavor!

View from our hotel room at the Indiana Memorial Union at Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana (April 2013)

If you are on or decide to join Instagram, I’d love to have you follow me.  I do follow back (smile)!

Relaxing spot at Edith Wharton's The Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts
(June 2013)
Joy and peace, T.

 Selfie: Me displaying my henna tatoo (August 2012)