Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tips for Enjoying Fashion Trends

Me, sporting a spot of neon, yesterday...

For the most part, I wouldn’t consider myself a follower of trends.  Nevertheless, every now and again, a fad comes along and draws me in. 

Truly, the only issue I have with trends is the fact that they come and go (oftentimes, a bit too swiftly).  As a result and in keeping with my mindful shopping values, I’ve developed a few tips that enable me to partake in those trends that resonate with me most.  

Buy Accent Pieces

Whenever possible, buy smaller accent pieces of trendier items.  Belts, scarves, bracelets, etc... Accent pieces allow me to get a taste of a trend; oftentimes enough of one to satisfy my "appetite."  A perfect example is the neon belt featured above.  It allowed me to get my neon on--without breaking my bank (wink).  

Purchase Sale Items

I bought the lovely patent leather belt above, last week, on a trip to Michigan.  It’s from J Crew, and had been reduced to $9.99. That day, the store was offering an added 40 percent off of final clearance items (including this one).  Case in point, this belt was a steal (smile)! 

Begin Small

This tip follows along the same lines the two before it.  In buying accent and sale pieces, I’m limiting how much I am investing in trendier items.  Buying a limited amount (one or two purchases) of a trend is where I will often draw the line (unless it’s something I know I will wear for years to come—regardless of whether it’s still in vogue or not!).  For example, leopard and animal prints may be trendy, but I've adored them for practically forever.  As a result, I have a nice collection of these items.  I'll definitely wear them for many years to come--whether others are doing the same or not.  

The pics, above, are of me donning leopard prints purchased in 2012.
I still love these pieces now as much as I did back then!

Trend Only If You Love It

I have a rule of thumb I follow regarding style: I wear only what I adore.  So, I only invest in trend pieces if I really like them.  I don’t purchase or wear something simply because it’s a fad. Doing so just keeps things authentic for me.

What are your thoughts on trends?  Do you have tips for enjoying them?  If so, please share them! 

Joy and peace.  T.