Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Creativity Reconnection Via a Day Trip

Last Saturday afternoon, Mark and I ventured a few hours northeast of home.  Our plan was to embark upon a day trip.  The destination was Schoepfle Gardens, a scenic arboretum/botanical garden.

Disconnection, I find is one of the best way to reconnect, creatively.  Vacations, moi days, artist's dates, day trips--these are all fabulous ways to "disconnect."

I adore botanical gardens!  This one had a wonderful woodsy feel to it. Truly, it was magical.  It was raining softly when we first arrived.  After a few minutes, that subsided, though.  After walking the gardens--experiencing their beauty, we then explored a couple of quaint towns along Lake Erie; later enjoying dinner at an Italian restaurant located in one of them.

Our plan is to enjoy at least one day trip a month this summer.  Will share my insights, along the way, as we do.

How have you "disconnected" as of late?  What benefits did it bring you?

Joy, hugs and peace!  T.