Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Dreams for This Month...

A recent art journal collage dedicated July's dreams...

Dearest Blossoming Flower (Yes, You!):

Welcome to July!  Looking back, June was a strange mix of meeting huge deadlines (both creatively and professionally) and relaxation (scads of evening patio time, a week-long vacation, a day trip and an artist’s date).  Being one who enjoys flower gardening, walking and simply being outdoors, I am beyond grateful for the cooler temps that have graced us as of late.  They are somewhat unseasonal; yet, they are welcome! 

This July, I seek growth through balance.  Yes, July brings added deadlines and instances of stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I welcome it, though; along with the moments of dedicated relaxation and self-nurturing.  Listed below are my July dreams:
What do you dream of this July?  Please share! 

Joy and hugs, T.