Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chill Vacation Bliss

For years, vacations were (well...) less than relaxing.  With two young boys in tow, Mark and I scheduled every moment for seeing and doing.  Both of us being children who rarely went on vacations, we wanted to do differently for our own children.  As a result, our vacations took place every summer, and were as action packed as possible...

Empty nesters now, coupled with the understanding we need R+R, plenty of down time is included into the mix--these days.  Don't get me wrong...we did a lot on this vacation (more pics are forthcoming). We toured historic sites, hiked in the mountains, explored quaint towns, enjoyed wine tastings, walked and experienced the better part of Boston (smile).  Nevertheless, I'm happy to report we also had slow, unfettered, reflective time.  Gold star, yes?

The photos below reveal various moments of chill bliss experienced this past week.

Tea Time in the Berkshires

Resting + Relaxing

Adoring Beauty

Leisurely Breakfasts

Peony Spying

Please share with me your favorite chill vacay moments.  I would adore hearing about them!

Joy, peace and bliss!  T.