Friday, June 14, 2013

My Mindful Vacation Purchases

My New England vacation has drawn to a close (Sigh...).  Yup, we left home last Thursday and arrived back late yesterday.  Nice thing is that I've taken an extra day off from work, which will give me the luxury of a long weekend (Yum!).

I didn't buy too much on my trip, but I did indulge in a few purchases.  And, in doing so, I adhered to the shopping values shared in this recent past post. Thought I'd share the shopping joy (smile)...

Used Books
 I maintain a list of books I'd love to add to my home library.
Both of these were on it! Added bonus: I spent less than $20 for these two books!

Bought this one at Second Time Around on Newbury Street in Boston.
Although purchased at a second-hand store, it still had the
original tags on it.  I've been dying (no pun intended!)
to partake in the skulls fad, but did't want to spend much in doing so.
Via a second-hand store, wish granted!

Lucky Brand Blouse

One goal I have is to build up my collection
of quality button-up blouses.  While in Pennsylvania, I purchased this lovely
python print (originally $69.50) for $17.38 (That's 75% off!!!).

Last Saturday afternoon, Mark and I hit the 
Hudson-Berkshire Beverage Trail in the mountains of New York and Massachusetts.  
We brought back some awesome wines, and (in the process)
supported four different independently-owned businesses.

Just a note of interest... Until lately, I'd have thought skulls too "creepy" to sport. And, being "deathly" afraid of snakes, I would likely not have ever bought (much less worn) anything with a snakeskin pattern on it.  Who knows...maybe these purchases symbolize my ability to more willingly embrace what frightens me?!?

Please share your latest mindful purchases.  I would love hearing about them!

Joy + peace! T.