Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Reflections + Transformation

My view during last Saturday's artist's date...

Summer has definitely arrived, and she’s brought with her heat, humidity, pop-up thunderstorms—the whole shebang!  As planned, last Saturday afternoon, I engaged in a treasured artist’s date which included a healthy dose of seasonal reflection on the front porch of a local café.  Of course, I had an herbal, fair trade, minted iced tea at hand.

An interesting side note...  While sipping my tea and writing away (smile), I spied a sweet white butterfly circling the tree a few feet in front of me.  Round and round she fluttered, quite gracefully, my beautiful artist’s date companion. I felt charmed by her presence!

The next morning, enjoying breakfast on the patio, I saw several more lovely white butterflies dancing throughout my flower garden (my blooming lilies are featured in the pics below!).  I wanted to snap a photo of these lovely butterflies.  Unfortunately, they are camera shy (wink). 

If you have read my blog with any frequency, you likely know what happened next...  Yup, I researched the symbolism of white butterflies.  Courtesy of ask.com, here’s what I learned: “A white butterfly normally symbolizes peace and a certain change that occurs rapidly. They are known as symbols of transformation due to their impressive process of metamorphosis.”   

I know there has been a personal shift of sorts—most especially as of late.  It’s taken some time to get here, but I’m finding myself more often “in the moment” than ever before.  Recently, I’ve also been able to “extract” myself (more frequently) from my emotions long enough to see things at various “angles”—gain clearer insight into the situations I encounter in a more logical manner.  All of this encourages me to continue practicing my beloved yoga, writing in my treasured journal and carving out sacred moments of stillness on a consistent basis--as they do yield fab benefits.  Perhaps my little butterfly friend is a sign that added transformation is yet to come...

What about you?  Do you find that dedicated practices, like the ones I’ve mentioned, bring about positive change?  What transformations do you seek?  Please share as I would adore hearing about it!

Joy & peace!  T.