Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On Starting a New Journal...

Meet my latest confidant, BFF and soothing haven (a.k.a. my journal)

There’s a bit of anticipation in the air...  You see, within the next week, I’ll be ready to start using a new journal (It’s the one pictured above, gifted to me from a dear friend.  Check out the thank you card I created for her here.). 

Do you struggle with starting a new journal?  Truly, I don’t. I’m generally always eager to dive on in.  For those who aren’t so comfortable with that first blank page, check out this past post for possible reflection activities. 

Thought it might be fun to feature photos of the journals I’ve used over the past few years—along with brief passages from my first entries in them. 

Date of first entry: 10/31/09
Special note: Took myself to a café for tea to christen this then-new journal.
Glimpse of my first entry:  See this past blog post!

Date of first entry: 6/19/10
Special note: Took myself to a coffee shop with an outdoor patio to welcome this then-new journal.
Glimpse of my first entry: "Right now, these first pages feel stiff to write upon.  Like the rituals/practices I've more recently woven into my life, I know this journal will soon feel comfortable and well-worn."

Date of first entry: 8/12/11
Special note: Wrote from my home's patio.
Glimpse of my first entry: "Tonight, I begin anew. Before me is a fresh, blank journal to write my story, plan my future, celebrate my accomplishments and mourn my sorrows. I'm sitting on my beloved patio; lovely flowers all around me, It's dusk; cloudy and breezy. Crickets are chirping so loudly that it's deafening."

Date of first entry: 10/10/12
Special note: Very short entry (Demonstrating the important factor is the act of writing versus how much I write!)
Glimpse of my first entry: Lovely fall day, today! Tomorrow, mindfulness is the key. Looking forward to a hot bath. Too tired to write right now..."

Are you a journal writer? Share your reflections with me on how you celebrate/kick start that first entry in a new journal.  I would love hearing them!

Joy and peace!  T.