Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blossoming Insights Gained Over the Weekend...

Pic of my shopping cart at the garden center...

Annually, I engage in a treasured practice.  I purchase and pot annuals to adorn my front porch, backyard patio and flower gardens (alongside my lovely perennial blooms).  

Guess what we (Mark and I) did on Sunday (along with a healthy dose of house cleaning)?  Yup, purchased and potted flowers.  Doing so, led me to reflect a bit on the practice--as well as the past weekend itself.  Featured below, are a few photos of my lovely flowers along with the sweet insights I gained:

Having a general idea for how I want to spend my weekend is fine.  Yet, nothing tops letting my intuition guide my day.  Pre-weekend, I crafted a list of the things I would like to accomplish.  This past few days, I truly let my inner wisdom guide me on what to do--and when to do it.  Turned out to be a wonderfully fulfilling and highly productive holiday weekend for me (smile).

Rome wasn't built in a day; nor are my dreams realized in that fashion.  For nearly a year now, I've actively carved out snippets of time--here and there--to work on getting a concept honed, a proposal crafted and sample pieces written for my next book.  Looking back at what I did--bit by bit--probably wouldn't look like much.  Putting it all together, however, does.  Those little blocks of dedicated effort--over the past year--now amount to something.  

Being outdoors, enjoying nature, feeds my soul, enlivens my spirit, and spurs my creativity!

It's been a super-busy couple of months (both at the 9 to 5 and in my creative life which occurs in the hours pre and post the 9 to 5).  I am SO ready for a vacation and one is on the horizon (yay!). 

What I am most thankful for is the fact that during this extremely busy point in time, I have always adhered to (at the very least) my minimum requirements for self-care (Gold star for me!).

There's truth to the old adage "When one door shuts, another opens."  Mark and I had planned to venture out to a botanical garden a few hours from home on Monday.  When we awoke to rain on the rooftops, it offered me a chance to address all my remaining, unrealized dreams I had for the weekend.  One door closed, and another swung wide open.  Priceless, yes?

Share your weekend insights with me.  I would adore hearing them!

Joy and sweet blossoming peace!  T.