Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Audrey Hepburn!

Fave style icon, Audrey, often sported pearls

Grace, style, elegance—she embodied it all.  I’m speaking of Audrey—Hepburn, of course—actress, humanitarian and fashionista extraordinaire.  And, today (May 4), marks her birthday.  She’d have been 84 years old.  So very sad to think as, at the age of 84, both of my grandmothers were still quite lively...

I’ve mentioned and quoted Audrey on various occasions via this beloved blog of mine (peruse two past posts built around resonant Audrey quotes here and here). Author Marianne Williamson she said it perfectly, “...Audrey Hepburn was a queen.”  You see, Audrey exuded a majestic presence; one that was mindfully derived.  This is something I myself aspire to do!

So, today, in honor of Ms. Audrey’s birthday, find a way to celebrate her memory.  Unsure how?  Here are a few suggestions (all, no doubt, are best when carried out mindfully!):
  • Let your authentic style speak volumes;
  • Allow your inner grace to mirror outwards;
  • Use your truth to inspire others;
  • Believe in pink; embrace it!
  • See beauty;
  • Do good;
  • Claim and use your unique, precious gifts;
  • Embody the joy of playfulness; and
  • Give back.
I couldn't close this post without displaying a few pics of me donning some of my favorite Audrey-inspired outfits.  Okay, the last pic maybe doesn't count--but, who knows?  Could be my earliest attempt to capture an Audrey look (smile).

June 2010

October 2012

Circa 1965 

Joy & peace!  T.