Friday, May 31, 2013

Simple Luxuries Rock My World...

Yesterday, at lunch...

Huge deadlines (at work and in my creative life) dominated my calendar this week.  Wanted to share a few simple (yet luxurious) ways I rocked my “little Friday” workday, yesterday.  Two common denominators in doing so were: 1) brief episodes of relaxation, and 2) time spent enjoying nature. 

First, I took a quick break from my workday duties, yesterday morning, to walk to a spa/salon about a block away from my office.  My planned tasks there were to buy topcoat for home manicures (how do you spell the plural of “mani,” BTW?), and book a facial for next month.  I was only gone a total of maybe 15 minutes, but what a simple luxury it was to take a break, walk outdoors and do something specifically “decadent” just for me. I snapped the pic featured below on my way back to work.  Aren’t those roses fab?

Another sweet thing I did was to treat myself to a sacred, solo vegan lunch at a quaint little café next door to my office.  I even dined out on their front porch, surrounded by scads of shade trees, whose leaves danced gracefully in the wind.  The whole experience was divine!  

Whimsical view a few feet from where I dined!

What simple luxuries can you rock your world with, today?  Would truly love hearing about them!  

Joy, peace and happy Friday!!! T.