Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Symbol That Most Inspires Me--Right Now...

Recently, the creative coaching group I’m a part of was given an assignment by leader and author Gail McMeekin: select a inspirational symbol, one that characterizes "new strength, higher self-regard, and openness to a healthy, abundant future."  

At first, I struggled with this a bit.  You see, my fascination with symbols shifts--almost seasonally—if not more frequently (Check out past related posts here and here). 

Then, it hit me... I don’t have to select anything that’s “for keeps.”  I can simply choose what speaks to me now.

Minutes later, while perusing Instagram, I found myself entranced by a lovely picture of peonies in a vase.  Hmmm...  Peonies...  In the past few weeks, I've created at least three collages with images of peonies in them.  Suddenly, I was transported to Memorial Day weekend last year.  Mark and I had ventured to Columbus for a few days’ getaway.  I distinctly remember, as we drove, pointing out (with great delight) various breathtaking peony blooms I spied along the way.  I also remember visiting a botanical garden, that weekend, where I reveled in the sheer elegance of a dedicated garden of peonies.

Quickly, I looked into the symbolism of peonies...  Here’s what I learned from “Peonies are perennial flowers symbolizing beauty and romance and peace. The flowers are also believed to have healing powers.”  Okay. Inspiration secured. I’ll definitely carry it with me, this weekend, as I finish writing my book proposal!

What inspirational symbol is drawing you in right now?  I’d love to hear about it!

Joy and peace, T.