Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Formula for a Balanced Life...

Playtime is part of my balanced life equation.  
Creating art is a treasured aspect of my playtime!

Yesterday, I wrapped up a huge, multi-month project at work.  This morning, sitting here--sipping mocha-flavored java-- feel a sense of tremendous accomplishment (might as well throw in a dash of gratitude and handful of excitement, too, while I’m at it).  Although my professional life keeps me ever-busy, I'll admit that's favorable to me (You see, I'm already raring for the next big challenge...).

Nevertheless, as a yogini, I cherish the grace and necessity of maintaining balance (both literally and figuratively).  Yup, I like to work hard. I also love to play with equal fervor. Writing and creating art are both a huge segment of what I consider to be "playtime."  Tempering work with measured amounts of play is key to creating life balance.

A few years in (smile), I’ve come to realize that stillness is also an essential ingredient to maintaining a life in balance. I captured the photograph, above, a few evenings ago while sitting on my patio.  That night, I simply sat and listened to the birds singing--while enjoying the feel of a soft, almost-summer breeze on my face.  It was sheer bliss...

Practicing yoga, reveling in a few minutes of meditation in the morning, embarking on a mindful walk in nature...stillness definitely rounds out my recipe for a balanced life.  Sometimes, moments of stillness are sprinkled lightly throughout my day.  At others, I carve out blocks of time to savor it.  

I wish I could tell you every one of my days is lived in harmonious balance.  Unfortunately, I can't.  What I can say is that I finally understand what my formula for a balanced life is, and I'm striving (more and more often) to achieve it.

What's your formula for a balanced life? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Joy and peace, T.