Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May’s Adorations (2013)

Greetings! It’s been a wonderful couple of days since we last chatted... The best way to share what’s transpired, since then, is through a montage of photos I’ve dubbed to be my “May Adorations (2013).”

Sweet view from a 577 Foundation meeting room where I led 
an art journaling workshop on Saturday afternoon

3-D glasses in hand minutes before watching The Great Gatsby (Sunday)

Connecting with my beautiful, beloved children 
on Mother’s Day

Enjoying gifted tea a thoughtful employee brought back from Down Under (Monday)

Pairing old faves (linen slacks + vintage scarf + chambray shirt + tweed cardigan) 
and wearing them to work on Monday

Monday’s dinner of take-out veggie pizza

Pre-coaching call with author Gail McMeekin (Monday evening)

For added fun, check out what made my list of adorations last May (2012).  What is it you find yourself adoring this month? Would love hearing about it!

Joy, peace and adoration!  T.