Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A New Month=New Dreams...

An art journal collage...all ready for me to write my dreams upon it!

It was a long winter—one that encroached--not only into March—but parts of April, too.  Doesn't it seem, to some extent, that May should have arrived some time ago?  Thankfully, she is now present, and donning her most elegant of refinery--to include the premier of subtly warm temps, blooms galore and luscious green growth—everywhere!

With the emergence of a new month, comes the unveiling of my monthly dreams.  I share them in the hopes they will serve to inspire others to also pen + pursue their heart’s desires... 

Nope, I don’t always achieve everything I plan to within a month’s time (note the "reading" dreams have been carried over from last month).  However, having these sweets simply written down better focuses me--keeps me on task.  It's a practice that gets me even closer to realizing--at least some--if not all of each month's dreams (smile).

My May 2013 Dreams:
What is it you dream of doing in the month of May?  Would love to hear about it!

Joy, hugs and peace, T.